When Mask Review

July 26, 2017


I’ve always loved facial masks of any kind, but I particularly like sheet masks. I have a bad habit of buying face masks and then not being very regimented about using them. I end up getting caught up in life and forget about them, I think because regular masks can be kind of annoying to use. I know, first world problem, right? But sometimes applying a messy slop of goo to your face, sitting around waiting for it to do its thing and then spending fifteen minutes hovering over the bathroom counter splashing your face repeatedly to get the stuff off can be kind of annoying – especially when you don’t have much time.

This is one of the many reasons I’ve been loving sheet masks. I like that you can try out a brand with an affordable, one-time product but most of all, I love how easy sheet masks are to use. You literally open it, unfold it, apply to face, wait, remove and then massage in the remaining residue. When I was offered the opportunity to collaborate with When Masks to try five of their regulars, I hopped all over it.

The masks they sent me were:
Glamour – For priming
10:00 PM – For anti-aging
The Last Choice – For hydration
Snow Magic – For brightening
Travelmate – For rejuvenating

My favorite of the five was The Last Choice, because my skin tends to be dry here in Arizona, and Snow Magic. My skin felt really great after all the masks honestly, but those were my top two faves.

Each of the masks smelled great but not too strong, and each felt great during the setting process. They were a bit slippery to get out of the colorful packaging, but I’d rather have more of the product than not enough.

Another thing I like about sheet masks is that generally, they are really affordable. When Masks are only $7 each at Sephora! At that price, I’m excited to pick up a few more or try some of the others they offer.

How about you? Are you a regular mask-er? What masks are your favorite?

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