The Backstory

January 29, 2017

In 2004, I started a blog and hosted it through Typepad. Typepad actually still exists, can you believe it?! It’s probably one of the worst blogging platforms out there right now, and I honestly don’t know anyone who still uses it. Yet, they keep their same unresponsive website they created in the mid-2000s up and running and trucking along. I’m kind of impressed.

Anyway…I’m the kind of person who, upon starting a project, I imagine the possibilities that project might have in store and cater my tasks to that future point. So, instead of using the Typepad subdomain they gave me and allowing my blog to grow a steady readership before I invested in a domain, I bought my blog its own .com right away because I knew it would eventually reach a lot of people and that I would be making money from it someday. Both came true. I didn’t make a ton of money from the advertisements I ran on my blog, but it was enough for a grateful college kid like me at the time to buy Pop Tarts, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, shoes, purses and the alcohol I wouldn’t have been able to afford otherwise. I mean, I was making a small income from doing something I loved; I wasn’t complaining.

Once I started my photography business in 2011, I decided to put an end to that little blog I had worked so hard to maintain. It had a lot of private information from my confused and vulnerable college days on it, none of which I felt were appropriate to have published to the world while trying to maintain a professional presence to potential photography clients. So, I started a new blog that contained a combination of the photography I produced for my clients with a little bit of my life (heavily censored, of course) mixed in. This blog was successful too but eventually, I found I missed being raw and true to myself in my writing. There were stories I wanted to tell but felt like I couldn’t because I was hiding behind a professional guise.

After having my daughter my business grew, and I started to tap into who my perfect client was. I discovered that, while I loved shooting weddings and found them all to be so beautiful, I wanted to tone down the number of wedding clients I booked each year and focus more on female portraits and high school/college seniors. This helped to clear up more time I could spend with my family and shoot the genre I truly loved. 2015 and most of 2016 were spent adjusting to this change, redefining what I wanted from my career and working on other projects that were close to my heart, all which helped me to realize I had this itch I couldn’t get rid of. I wanted to write again and go back to doing it my way.

So here I am starting another blog but at a much different place in my life. I don’t have high hopes for it like I did when I created my first, but I think it will still be fun.

Also, isn’t blog such an ugly word? Ugh, why?!


Excited to follow your blog journey and see where it leads! Love your creativity and writing style ?

Thanks so much for stopping by, Tara! 🙂