Hask Shampoo & Conditioner

May 25, 2017

I’m a huge advocate for using cruelty-free cosmetic and beauty products as much as possible. These days there are so many amazing brands, both in the skin care and makeup industry, that are cruelty-free. It makes me honestly wonder why more people aren’t saying, ‘no’ to purchasing products tested on animals when there are so many options out there now. Come on, people – tap into your compassionate side!

While this is such good news, I can’t say it’s been entirely easy to find a quality cruelty-free brand of shampoo and conditioner that I actually enjoy. I’ve searched high and low and have tried so many only to end up pretty disappointed. This means the hair care inventory of my guest bathroom is aplenty! Should you ever decide to stay at my house and forget your shampoo or conditioner, I’ve got you, boo. And you’ll be pleased to know it’s all cruelty-free and in my opinion, subpar.

As of recently, however, I’m pleased to report to the Internet that a cruelty-free brand of shampoo and conditioner has stolen my heart. I received the Orchid and White Truffle series from HASK in exchange for my honest opinion on the products and so far, I’m loving them. The series consists of a moisture rich shampoo, conditioner, and deep conditioning packet. The first thing I noticed about the products was the divine smell of all three. I love a good smelling shampoo and conditioner, don’t you?

I also don’t normally use moisturizing products for my hair because I tend to be oily as it is. HASK’s products didn’t make my hair too oily though which was nice. The moisturizing aspect of the shampoo and conditioner seem to also be keeping my dyed hair from fading.

My only complaint about the products is that I find it sort of weird that the brand doesn’t disclose the ingredients used. What’s the big secret?

Otherwise, I would recommend this hair care series for anyone who has dry or damaged hair. I’m eager to try some of their other lines as well. Let me know, in the comments, if you’ve ever tried any products from HASK!

*I received a free bottle of the HASK Orchid and White Truffle shampoo, conditioner and deep conditioner in exchange for writing the above review.*