At Home Microdermabrasion

May 4, 2017

Not everyone has problematic skin like I do. Some people are born lucky with naturally gorgeous skin, and if you’re one of those people – I hate you. OK, I’m just joking, but if you’re like me at all and have been struggling with moody skin most of your life, a skin care regimen is serious business. To make matters even worse, pregnancy or postpartum hormones can really mess up your skin’s balance and cause breakouts or discoloration.

I was recently sent a bottle of the Triple Microdermabrasion Face Polish by Exuviance to try and see if it helped me at all. I was only given about a week to sample the product before submitting feedback, so I will be interested to see how my skin reacts to using it for longer. I’m especially interested to see if it will help my skin during the postpartum process at all because, with Karis, my skin really broke out for the first few months after she was born.

I was able to try out the Face Polish three times in the one week I had to sample it. It is recommended to use it two – three times per week, so I went for the max. Overall, I didn’t see an incredible difference in the appearance of my skin. However, I did love how the Face Polish made my skin feel, and I didn’t get any breakouts while I was using it which is always a plus. I noticed my skin felt so soft after each use, and it really helped to reduce any dry flakiness that I often see occur on my face from dehydration or just living in Arizona.

After using this product for a bit longer, I will definitely keep you all posted on how it performs, so stay tuned!