I am too little butter on too much bread. I am too many thoughts in too little head.
-Tyler Knott Gregson

Hello – I’m Michelle. Thanks for visiting my blog!

I’m a photographer and entrepreneur living in Arizona with my husband, our blue-eyed, wild children, and our cute dogs.

Her Confetti - Matt Husband

I believe in God and love being Catholic. I’m a little bit crass, exhausted and consider myself to be type-A. I have a penchant for champagne, rock-n-roll style, lists and living an organized, minimal life.

Her Confetti - Children

Her Confetti is about my family and I. I write about marriage, friendships, times in the past when people have wronged me and in retrospect, it’s kind of funny, times in the past when people have wronged me, and I still don’t think it’s funny, old roommates, and previous co-workers.

Her Confetti - Bowie, Kiki, Cosmo Dogs

Mostly, I write about things I like such as: (You guys, it’s my first list!)
-Minimalistic and cruelty-free skin care
-Minimalistic mom and home life
-Our incredibly adorable dogs
-My current fitness routine (or lack thereof)

It’s basically about all that juicy stuff men love to read.

The way I write posts here reflects how I think. I’ve kept a blog for as long as I can remember at various domains using different taglines. I blog because my heart moves in an indiscernible way, and my only method of translation is words. It is my way of finding and filling the holes I have within myself. It’s verifying that the truth is still true, and trying to remember what I’m not supposed to forget.

Thanks for reading! I hope to see you back here soon and often.